ReString Zero Tennis String Reel


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200m (660ft) reel of Zero - designed to deliver maximum bite, unparalleled snapback and longer lasting playability. For players looking to grip the ball aggressively and beat their opponents with power and spin. Built to last and now available in a classic reel.

Zero is a six-shaped co-poly string designed to deliver maximum bite on powerful strokes. Comfortably firm, players with long strokes will enjoy the string's spin potential for a great grip on the ball. Compared with traditional co-polys, Zero maintains superior string tension for a longer-lasting lively feel.

Zero is made from a polyester base designed
specifically to deliver longer lasting playability. Packaged using fully recyclable grade 1 PET. 100% of carbon emissions are certified offset.

Co-Polyester Monofilament
Length 660ft (200m)
Origin South Korea

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